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Toyobo Biologics Inc. was merged with its parent company TOYOBO CO., LTD. as of October 1st in 2014. As for the business appeared on this website, please be assured that GMP group of TOYOBO CO., LTD. takes over the business as heretofore. Contact for inquiries remains the same as before. Thank you always for your patronage.

Toyobo has been actively involved in the development of biopharmaceuticals using genetic recombination mammalian cell culture technology since it entered the medical field in 1979. PAC Biologics began contract manufacturing in 1994 and since then it has contributed to "Toyobo's Biotech" in its role as one of the few domestic manufacturers that can handle the research, development and production of raw bio-pharmaceuticals under contract. In November of 2001, the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing section was separated from the pharmaceutical division of Toyobo and reorganized as PAC Biologics Inc.
Advantages Stemming from starting out as a domestic contract manufacturer
The world's biopharmaceutical market is rapidly growing with antibody pharmaceuticals at the head of the pack. However, their development requires heavy investments in facilities as well as highly specialized knowledge. In light of this, companies are turning to biotech contract manufacturers in order to avoid investment risks and take advantage of their expertise. As a contract manufacturer, TOYOBO GMP Group has addressed these requirements and has gone so far as to build the largest plant in Japan with a 4,000L bioreactor for mammalian cells where manufacturing can be carried out compliance with cGMP standards in keeping with PBI's goals of providing global compliance.

4,000-liter bioreactor - one of the largest bioreactors in the industry
The concept and layout of the plant containing the multipurpose 4,000-liter bioreactor for mammalian cells developed in conjunction with the start of TOYOBO GMP Group and the equipment related to scaling up operations as well as the facilities for refining the bioreactor quality of the culture liquid gotten from them were considered at a FDA Type C Meeting in 2002 and evaluated to be "acceptable". Validation was completed in the spring of 2004 and the plant has begun operations. The existing culture plant with a 600-liter bioreactor as well as the manufacturing plant comply with domestic GMP standards and have already amassed a long record of successes.

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